My Classifier Thought a Cat was a Hotdog.

I’ve started Fast ai’s Intro to deep learning course last week. And I’m finding it great so far. I writing this to encourage who’s curious about deep learning to give FastAi’s course a try. You only need a a laptop and intermediate programming skills to get started. With just a laptop you can create someContinue reading “My Classifier Thought a Cat was a Hotdog.”

The Mule: A Test Platform for Autonomous Mining Vehicles

For our Engineering Capstone we worked with Maclean Engineering a company which builds mining equipment vehicles for hard rock mining. Maclean tasked us with designing and building a small scale platform for testing their autonomous algorithms for their mining vehicles. This platform named the Mule required these specifications: Carry a payload of 100 lbs ManeuverContinue reading “The Mule: A Test Platform for Autonomous Mining Vehicles”