I’ve gave a workshop on hacking cars!!

On Nov 7 2020, I gave a workshop at Hackday’s Remoticon to beginners about to get started hacking cars. It was a great experience and the organizers were amazing. If you are interested see the recording below and Workshop page for details about how to download software and installation instructions.

The Mule: A Test Platform for Autonomous Mining Vehicles

For our Engineering Capstone we worked with Maclean Engineering a company which builds mining equipment vehicles for hard rock mining. Maclean tasked us with designing and building a small scale platform for testing their autonomous algorithms for their mining vehicles. This platform named the Mule required these specifications: Carry a payload of 100 lbs ManeuverContinue reading “The Mule: A Test Platform for Autonomous Mining Vehicles”

Devlog for my Neo Noir FMV

IntroductionAfter seeing unreal engine being used in Disney’s The Mandalorian to get amazing in Camera effects. I’ve been thinking about if it is possible to use it as an indie film maker. After seeing some indies do live compositing with it I’m convinced I could do something with it. With COVID pandemic right now I’mContinue reading “Devlog for my Neo Noir FMV”

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